• Engineering application - channel and channel revetment

    The board is provided with ecological holes, plants can grow naturally in the ecological hole, also artificial Zhilv, truly harmonious coexistence with nature.

  • Engineering application - ecological partition

    The landfill application of high strength steel sheet pile composite Huixiang partition, garbage and sewage is effectively blocked.

  • Application of anti-seepage, piping treatment

    The traditional dam in flood, piping often occurs, great harm, temporary general administration method of piping solution.
    Easy to break, Huixiang piles in levee engineering collapse as impervious partition, can effectively prevent the water seepage path, to prevent the occurrence of piping, completely protect underground weak links.

  • Engineering application -- Highway Slope Protection

    1、the use of plastic sheeting, can use the existing roadbed for upgrading, reduce land acquisition.
    2、the use of plastic sheeting can effectively prevent highway side slope erosion, strengthen the shoulder road subgrade stability, and play a role in protecting the highway and prolonging the life of the highway.